Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Competition is discouraging

The purpose of this article is to dispel another myth.
It's long been said that boys are given an overall advantage, in life.
After all, fierce competition is encouraged amongst males.
And, this is supposedly a good experience for males.
However, the opposite is true.
And, as a result, adolescence is vastly more difficult for for Boys:
under unnecessary pressure.

Basically, it's important to reevaluate your conclusions.
The manner in which boys are raised, is actually a form of discouragement.
We've always pushed boys too hard...
and, there's certainly nothing pleasant about it....

On a final note:
there's a few more things to consider.
This is clearly a form of strict discipline.
as well as, subornation.
He's learning to follow orders.
And, being trained in a communal system, to lose his sense of individuality.
as well as, giving up his privacy....

Weve been taught, that, people favor boys merely because we encourage them to compete fiercely.Boys used to constantly stand at attention.Years ago, when boys went swimming....  the purpose was certainly NOT for having fun, or playing in the water.
The manner in which boys are treated was similar to a COMMUNAL system.
Its CLEARLY a form of discipline.  These boys are marching in unison.Some girls complained because, boys were always having fun during these activities.
Its actually a form of DISCOURAGEMENT.
the manner in which boys are pushed is very negative and unpleasant for the boy.Society has always forced boys to push themselves too hard.
Weve been taught, that, people favor boys merely because we encourage them to compete fiercely.
Always   Forced Competition.    its really a Bad thing......